Emergency Management Spatial Information Network Australia (EMSINA) is a vibrant and active group of spatial practitioners in the emergency management sector committed to improving safety for Australians through the use of spatial information technologies to support sound decision-making.


Membership on the EMSINA Committee is honorary. EMSINA includes members from State and Territory emergency services, as well as members from Attorney-General’s Department, Geoscience Australia, Australian Maritime Safety Authority, Federal Police, Australian Geospatial Intelligence Organisation, and Bureau of Meteorology.

EMSINA Members promoting spatial information for Emergency Management

The EMSINA Terms of Reference (TOR) supports a collegiate approach to the sharing of ideas, skills and labour across the spatial information teams within the emergency management sector; and convenes meetings every three months, with the venue rotating around jurisdictions and scheduled to align with other industry events such as the annual AFAC Conference.


These meetings provide a ready path of access between federal agencies and spatial practitioners working in state based emergency management agencies to provide a coordinated response to national initiatives addressing spatial standards and policy issues.


EMSINA also hosts seminars and awareness sessions at AFAC and other events to further these issues and promote the available spatial capability to emergency management practitioners.


EMSINA's Terms of Reference can be read and/or downloaded here.

On behalf of Australia's emergency management community, EMSINA will:

  • Promote and encourage the use of spatial information to support decision making

  • Provide strategic advice and direction on spatial issues

  • Facilitate the sharing of spatial information resources and knowledge

  • Encourage partnerships with the spatial industry​

EMSINA's Vision Statement:

Improved emergency management through the use of spatial information.

EMSINA's Annual Workplan:

To ensure transparency EMSINA chooses to publish the Group's Annual Workplan here.

EMSINA's Mission Statement:

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