EMSINA's Workplan - 2019

Emergency Management Spatial Information Network Australia (EMSINA) chooses to publish its annual workplan in an open and transparent manner. The project descriptions below are items relating to the Group's core work.


In line with EMSINA's mission and values the Group also work on a range of other emergency management and technical initiatives. Where appropriate these projects will be widely publicised through EMSINA's outward facing communication channels.

End of year Reports for each 2019 Project can be viewed here

The EMSINA group reviews their annual workplan by undertaking the following steps. 

  • September to October:

    • The Chair(s) and the Secretariat put together a draft workplan from information gathered or presented to the Group over the year

  • November:

    • The following year's draft workplan is circulated to all members for comment​

    • The Chair(s) will coordinate the feedback and develop a final version for tabling at the December meeting

  • December:

    • The final workplan discussed at EMSINA's December meeting

    • The Group vote on the implimentation of the workplan

    • The EMSINA website (this page) is updated prior to the end of the meeting. ​

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