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The EMSINA Group was requested by the Australian Government's National Bushfire Recovery Agency (NBRA) in February 2020 to host the two National spatial products relating to Bushfire Boundaries; 'Operational' and 'Historic 2019/20 FY'.


To ensure consistency across decision making the NBRA and the associated Australian Government Workgroup recommends that the following National Bushfire Boundary spatial datasets (outlined below) are utilised.

Lead Australian Government Agency:

Govt. Working Group

Government / Industry Participants: 


Emergency Management Spatial Information Network Australia

Australian Bushfire Boundary Spatial Data

National 'Current' Operational Bushfire Boundaries - Decommissioned 4 May, 2020

  • Data Custodian: EMSINA
  • Technical Assistance: Geoscience Australia

  • First Published: 9 January 2020

  • Last Published: 4 May 2020

  • Data captured every 3 hours during this period 

    • Number of Feature Services available: 1816

  • Accessing the bushfire boundary data:

    • Up to June 30, 2020

      • The data will be available to anyone who wants it by contacting EMSINA.

        • You must provide an Esri AGOL username (freely available) in your email (this is EMSINA's only method of sharing this volume of data at the moment). 

          • Failure to provide this Esri username will more than likely mean your request will not be processed. 

    • From July 1, 2020​

      • ​The bushfire boundary data will be transferred to the National Bushfire Recovery Agency.​  Please contact this NBRA for access.

  • Accessing the bushfire boundary FME script ​​

    • If you would like to negotiate a copy of the FME scripts that brought together all the state/territory bushfire boundary products into one national product please contact Geoscience Australia: clientservices@ga.gov.au

2019/20 FY Bushfire Boundaries v2.0

  • ​Data Custodian: Dept. Agriculture, Water and Environment

  • First Published: 24 February 2020


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