EMSINA Resources - 2019/20 Bushfire Boundaries

On June 30, 2020 EMSINA completed the handover of the National Bushfire Boundary spatial datasets to the National Bushfire Recovery Agency (NBRA). 

You can now access the 2019 / 2020 national bushfire boundary data here:

  • 2019/20 FY Bushfire Boundaries - tbc


Everything the Group currently knows about how to access the data post June 30 is published above.  EMSINA understands there is research and recovery efforts that still require access to this data so as more information becomes available from the NBRA we will promptly put it on this page. Until then we recommend you utilise the contacts information above to request status updates and/or access to the static database which were provided to NBRA. 

EMSINA's Contribution to the 2020 Black Summer Bushfires

Using an Esri Storymap EMSINA has documented the Group's involvement in producing and hosting a National Operational Bushfire Boundary data for the 2020 Black Summer event. 

Storymap image.JPG

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