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Australian Bushfires - Response Maps and Spatial Data Page

Emergency Management Spatial Data

Australia's Emergency Management Spatial data can be referenced through EM-LINK, including:

  • The National 'Current' Operational Bushfire Boundaries

Bushfire Boundaries - Operational Example
  • Historic Bushfire Boundaries for some of the Jurisdictions

Bushfire Boundaries - Historical Example

Response Mapping Applications

EMSINA Members and ESRI Australia Staff have made available the following AGOL mapping products during the response phase. 

Master GIS

Created: 09 January 2020

This Master GIS web app contains all bushfire layers along with all other relevant layers contained within the following apps.

Historic Bushfire Boundaries

Created: 28 January 2020

Access the National Bushfire Operational Boundaries back to 9 January 2020.  Includes a before-and-After swipe tool for comparisons. 


Created: 14 January 2020

Environmental spatial layers and the National bushfire layers. 

Fire Dashboard

Created: 28 January 2020

This National Fire Dashboard shows all fire events (not just bushfire) from each jurisdiction.   

3d Model

Created: 12 January 2020

3d model containing the National current bushfire boundary layer draped over a digital elevation model 

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