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EMSINA 20 Years Strong

The EMSINA Group turns 20 this year.  To celebrate this milestone the Committee have designed a Coffee/Tea mug to celebrate.  


At this stage we only have a current and past 'Members' option available. A generic mug will be available later in the year.

Current and Past Members Mug

EMSINA Mug Front.png
EMSINA Mug Back.png


$15.00 per item

Buying a 'Members' Mug

Please send Kane an email at:

Paying for your Mug

Payment options will be sent to you via a return email.

When will they be ordered?

Order 1: An order will be placed at 1700 on 23 June 2022.

Order 2: The final order will be place at 1700 on 1 November 2022


How do I pick it up?

 Your mugs will be bought to each of the 2022 Meeting.

Can we post them?

Sure...the postage is to be paid by you. I advise the cost when posted.

Can we add your name to the Mug?

Although it requires some extra work it is actually possible. It will cost you about $15 extra (single mug price) to have your name put on the back of the mug.

Is EMSINA making any money from this?

Absolutely not! Whatever the mugs / postage cost us is what it costs you.  

Receipts can be requested. 

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