EMSINA @ AFAC 2016 - Brisbane 


  • Brisbane, Queensland

EMSINA's Booth Theme:

  • Maps, Apps and GIS...Get Location Aware

EMSINA's Professional Development Presentations (PDPs)

  • Access to all the presentations



EMSINA @ AFAC 2016 Highlights

  • Booth in the Main Hall showcased new and emerging spatial technologies


  • PDP workshop that showcased examples of the use and the growing demands of mapping and location technologies to not only support our emergency services workforce, but also our public information demands. 


  • The release of the 3rd version of the National Situational Awareness Tool by the EMSINA chair (Steve Forbes) and the Director General of EMA (Mark Crosweller). View the full video below...


  • Demonstrations of the awesome and powerful Cruiser Table. View the video below...

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