Since 2009 EMSINA’s presence at the AFAC conference has showcased examples of the use and growing demands on mapping and location technologies.  Through our ‘spatial play pen’ demonstration booth in the AFAC exhibit hall, presentations and professional development workshops, the EMSINA group has used the AFAC conference as our key platform to deliver our Vision of ‘Improved emergency management through the use of spatial information’.


EMSINA members attended the AFAC 2019 Conference in Melbourne.


In our 11th year at AFAC the Group and invited guests showcased an exciting schedule of events in the Exhibit Hall.  On the Friday we also successfully hosted an AFAC post conference Professional Development Program. For a full round up of all EMSINA events click here or on our booth photo below (thanks ESRI Australia for assistance us with the Booth).

EMSINA @ Previous AFAC Conferences

EMSINA and its members have presented at past AFAC Conferences. Click the links below for more information.

  • EMSINA @ AFAC 2017 - Sydney

  • ​EMSINA @ AFAC 2016 - Brisbane

  • ​​EMSINA @ AFAC 2015 - Adelaide

  • ​EMSINA @ AFAC 2014 - Wellington NZ

  • ​EMSINA @ AFAC 2013 - Melbourne

  • ​EMSINA @ AFAC 2012 - Perth

  • ​EMSINA @ AFAC 2011 - Sydney

  • ​EMSINA @ AFAC 2010 - Darwin

  • ​​EMSINA @ AFAC 2009 - Gold Coast


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