August 2022


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Guess the number of lollies in the jar...

If you win, how do we contact you on Day 2 at 1345 to1400? 


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You can't win without giving us this info...

Competition Cheats:

  • Somewhere in the AFAC Conference Hall are 2 x A4 flyers containing the EMSINA Logo, a Red Target Icon and a special QR Code. If you find one of these flyers scan it.  A special webpage with a cheat that will be sure to get you much closer to the target. 


  1. One guess per person per day

  2. Person to guess the closest number of lollies in the jar without going over that number wins.

  3. If there are multiple correct answers the person with who submits the earliest entry wins

Competition Begins at: 1400 on Day 1 (Tuesday) of the Conference

Competition drawn at: 1300 on Day 3 (Thursday) of the Conference

Winners Notified: 1300 to 1330 on Day 2 of the Conference via the contact details provided.

Prize Pickup: The winners must pickup or arrange for the prize to be picked up from the EMSINA Booth or PDP by Conference end. Failure to to do so means you forfeit the prize. Postage is not an option.


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