Booth Activities

The EMSINA ‘Spatial Capability Hub’ will open to visitors just after lunch on Wednesday 29th.


Come see the EMSINA members for the latest advances in Spatial Technologies across the EM sector.


During the welcome drinks for registered attendees to the conference on Wednesday night, all EMSINA members will be on hand happy to talk through spatial solutions in each State across Australia, so come join in the conversation of location technologies with our experienced members.


EMSINA members will also be on hand in our ‘Spatial Capability Hub’ all day Thursday and Friday.

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Product Release

Australian Exposure Information Platform

Geoscience Australia and Emergency Management Australia will be launching the Beta release of the Australian Exposure Information Platform at #AFAC18. Join us in the EMSINA Booth on Thursday at 12:30

Name: Mr Robert Cameron

Agency: Dept. Home Affairs - Emergency Management Australia

Role: Director General

Name: Mr Mark Dunford

Agency: Geoscience Australia

Role: Assistant Director

email: mark.dunford@ga.gov.au

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