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Emergency Management Spatial Information Network Australia


Established in 2002

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Established in 2002, the Emergency Management Spatial information Network Australia (EMSINA) is a vibrant and active group of spatial practitioners in the emergency management sector. Members across all the EMSINA Groups are committed to improving safety for Australians through the use of sound decision-making supported by spatial information technologies. Read more...


On behalf of Australia's emergency management community, EMSINA will:

  1. Promote and encourage the use of spatial information to support decision making

  2. Provide strategic advice and direction on spatial issues

  3. Facilitate the sharing of spatial information resources and knowledge

  4. Encourage partnerships with the spatial industry.


Improve emergency management through the use of spatial information


Read the EMSINA Group's Terms of Reference


The EMSINA Network has evolved since 2002 into the following three business Groups. Under the one common vision and mission each Group looks to enhance and serve a particular purpose within the Australian Emergency Management spatial sector.  

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EMSINA National

The EMSINA National Group is aimed at spatial professionals who have a managerial role in developing, leading and/or operating a emergency management related capability. 

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EMSINA Developers

The EMSINA Developers Group is aimed at spatial professionals who have a in-depth technical role in  developing and/or operating a emergency management related spatial capabilities

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EMSINA Chapters

The EMSINA Group has a number of State (Regional) Chapters that Spatial Professionals within that Jurisdiction and how has an Emergency Management interest can join and participate within.

EMSINA Membership

Who can become an EMSINA Member?

  • Membership to EMSINA National, Developers and/or State Chapters is open to Australian state, territory and federal government representatives from the spatial industry who have a direct interest in emergency management and national security matters.

Benefits of EMSINA Membership across all Groups

  • Professionalism

  • Innovation and Sharing

  • Building Networks

  • Education

  • Support

  • Giving Back

EMSINA Online Resources

EMSINA members regularly volunteer their time and professional expertise toward projects that build upon and/or improve Australia's use of spatial information in emergency management.  Projects the EMSINA have delivered and/or the Group support are listed below.  

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Spatial Data

EMSINA endorsed EM data sources

Lessons Learned.png

Lessons Learned

Read the Group's Lessons Learned



Access the Australian All Hazards Symbology Set


GIS Apps

GIS data apps used by EMSINA Members



Create ISO Standard Metadata for EM data 


EMSINA Projects

EMSINA led or assisted Projects 

EMSINA National Committee

Chair 1: Rob Kirwood (New South Wales) - 2023-25 

Chair 2: Simon Webster (Queensland) - 2022-24

Secretariat: Kane Orr (Federal) - 2013-24

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