Meeting Format 

Each EMSINA National meeting is conducted in a formal, professional and transparent matter.


At a minimum the National Members can expect:

Pre meeting:

  • A formally distributed 'invite' to all members via email

  • An Invite for member presentations or topics of interest 

  • An open, transparent and inclusive agenda distributed 1 to 2 weeks in advance of the meeting

During the meeting:

  • A revision of last meeting's actions

  • A revision of the tabled documents 

  • A round table discussion of jurisdictional spatial activities (Jurisdictional Reports)

  • Meeting minutes and actions will be captured;

    • including 'live online minutes' where members unable to attend the meeting can follow the progress and ask questions during the topic discussion

  • A revision of the meeting's major outcomes

Post meeting:

  • A meeting summary including access to the minutes and actions within 30 days

Glass Buildings

Meeting Schedule

The Meeting Schedule for the coming two calendar years is as follows.

Note: the following dates and locations are subject to change. 

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