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ISO Standard Metadata for Emergency Management

Step by Step Creation Guide

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Step 1
Access the Online Metadata Creation Tool

This tool is used to construct your ISO standard metadata statement 19115-3

Version 1: Beta

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Step 2

The Emergency Management ISO Profile

This EM Metadata Profile provides you with background information and a list of the minimum required attributes in order to make your webservice ISO 19115-3 compliant.

Minimum Required EM Attributes List

Example of EM ISO19115 Statement


Please remember this is the version 1 of National EM Metadata Profile. This EM Profile will evolve and grow over time.

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Step 3 (Optional)

Supporting information

The following resources may support you and your data officers in creating your ISO Metadata Statement.


Metadata Example


Attribute List

View a completed full ISO standard metadata statement for webservices 

View a complete list and descriptions of ISO attributes

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Step 4
Construct your Metadata Statement

Using the Metadata Creation Tool (Step 1) along with the supporting information in Step 2 and 3 construct your ISO 19115-3 EM Metadata Statement.

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Step 5
ISO Validation of your XML

The Metadata Creation Tool has the ability to validate your ISO 19115-3 Metadata Statement.

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Step 6

Save your Metadata Statement

After you have constructed your ISO19115-3 Metadata Statement it needs to be saved in the correct file format.  Most metadata systems require the output to be in xml.  However, please check this output format with the relevant data officer in your agency.  

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Step 7 (Optional)
Publish the Metadata Statement in a Spatial Catalogue
With the XML in your ISO19115-3 Metadata Profile now validated it needs to be published into a Catalogue Service for the Web (CSW).


Priority Work for the Future

Where possible EMSINA will now work with the National Metadata Working Group on the following priority items.

ICSM Logo.png

National Metadata Rollout Plan

Action Requested: 

  • The NMWG to lead the development a National Implementation Plan aimed at rolling out the core Metadata Tools, associated documentation and comprehensive education into all the appropriate State and Territory government spatial capabilities.

Expected benefits of completing this Action for the EM Sector:

  • Consistent understanding and approach to metadata creation and its importance across the country.

  • Improved linkages between EM Agencies and State i.e. a feeling of ownership and not something forced upon them.

Implication of not completing this Action to the EM Sector:

  • Metadata creation, storage and accessibility will continue to be inconsistent across the state and territory EM Capabilities.

  • Expect higher reliance on Commonwealth resources and knowledge.

  • Missed opportunity for the entire Spatial Sector, not just the EM Sector.

ICSM Metadata Website

Action Requested: 

  • EMSINA encourages ICSM and the NMWG to prioritise the creation of a central website for access to all your Metadata tools and information.  

Benefits of completing this Action for the EM Sector:

  • Provides users of the Metadata Tools a central access point to all the required content (not just the EM related information).

  • Provision of a centralised knowledge exchange platform that can be used to engage with your community.

  • Alleviate the EMSINA Group of having to maintain our own Metadata guide. The Group has always viewed our metadata webpages as a short term solution. We expect to eventually redirect all users (including EM users) to your website where they will have access to a much larger set of metadata tools and documentation.

  • Develop your own brand.

Implication of not completing this Action to the EM Sector:

  • The EMSINA Group's website is completely developed and maintained by volunteers.  There is no guarantee that this website and its content will be available and/or maintained into the future.  The associated risk with the metadata content not been accessible will need to be acknowledged and accepted by ISCM. 

Metadata Support Documentation 

Action Requested: 

  • EMSINA would like to partner with the NMWG develop a series of supporting products that educate EM users about the importance of Metadata in evidence based decision making. 

Benefits of completing this Action for the EM Sector:

  • Ensures all users and/or potential users have access to formal and consistent education material.

  • Provides current and future EM Sector staff with no excuses for not understanding the importance of Metadata in their decision making processes. 

Implication of not completing this Action to the EM Sector:

  • The Sector continues to push forward the current Metadata material and rely on officers to put it into an EM context.

  • Inconsistent understanding of the importance of metadata in the EM Sector. 

Metadata CSW Hosting Services

Action Requested: 

  • EMSINA would like the NMWG undertake an audit of State/Territory CSW capabilities that are available for use by the relevant jurisdictional EM agencies. 

Benefits of completing this Action for the EM Sector:

  • Develop a documented understanding of the current CSW capabilities across all jurisdictions.

  • Allows ICSM and others to make future capability decisions on the facts.

  • Allows the EM Sector (and others) to make decisions on progressing toward machine to machine harvesting of ISO standard metadata in specialised spatial catalogues i.e. EM-LINK Hub.  

Implication of not completing this Action to the EM Sector:

  • The National CSW capability situation continues to be unknown.

  • Much harder to push for uplift funding without that background evidence.

  • Potentially less uptake as the end benefit of EM users creating metadata once and seeing it flow through the system is not achieved. 

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