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Non EMSINA Member Information:

Information for people who are not local, state, territory or federal government employees:

  • Attendance at a meeting:

    • EMSINA welcomes non government employees to present at all meetings. The Group sets aside a block of time each meeting for industry, academic and other relevant presentations. Please email EMSINA directly to arrange an invite to the meeting.

      • Attendees who fall under this category must also understand that following your presentation you may be asked to leave the room. However, where possible we try to schedule all non-government presentations together and directly before a scheduled break. The intention is to give members a chance to immediately followup with you face-to-face.

  • Observing at a meeting: 

    • EMSINA does not allow Non-Government employees to observe at our meetings.

Information for local, state, territory or federal government employees:​

  • Government employees are welcome to observe and/or present relevant topics at EMSINA meetings however​,

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