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AFAC23 - Wrapup Day 3 - EMSINA

Two and a Half days of incredible knowledge sharing, conversations with delegates, catchups with colleagues and an endless amount of lot of networking.

We invited each EMSINA Member who participated at the Conference Booth this week to provide one sentence of what they saw as their key takeaway:

  1. People now expect Australia's EM data to be easily discoverable and available to use with a known (documented) amount of confidence

  2. A perception that GIS and Mapping software is much harder to access/use than the reality.

  3. Awareness of who in the EM space are using GIS and GIS products; knowing where to start.

  4. The technology's are no longer a barrier - there is very little we cannot do technically

  5. Don't have an awareness of who their spatial people are in their organisations

  6. Learning from others is critical for success

  7. Development and implementation of Spatial leadership should continue to be a focus

  8. Development of talent pipelines as existing staff approach retirement

Our final comment about our involvement in the AFAC23 Conference is one of our most important messages of all. EMSINA would like to acknowledge the incredible work by the Esri Australia design team for making our Booth look incredible in 2023. These people know who they are, and on behalf on the entire EMSINA Membership across Australia and the spatial professionals they represent we sincerely thank you.

The Conference proper may have come to an end but the knowledge shared about how spatial information assists in decision making will live on. Until next year...



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