Australian Government Meeting

EMSINA is pleased to inform the Membership that our latest Chapter, 'EMSINA ACT and Australian Governments' was successfully held on 21 September 2018. The full day agenda at ACT ESA begun with key-note presentations from Mark Crosweller and Elliott Simmons. Each agency in attendance then briefed the Group on their own spatial capabilities and associated capability gaps. This was followed up by Rob Cameron wrapping up the day with an inspirational speech about the future of spatial across government.

The Group has already developed an EMSINA Chapter webpage and will soon use this to publish the meeting minutes, completed TOR, and a few Group projects.

Thank you to all 28 participants and we will see you all the next Meeting on 4 April 2019 at Geoscience Australia.

EMSINA ACT and Australian Government - 1st Meeting

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