CAP-AU Changes

Information / Background:

As mentioned at the EMSINA meeting in December, the Attorney-General's Department has transferred Custodianship of the CAP-AU profile to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Bob Wilson (03 9669 4349 / is now the formal point of contact, with Kate Roberts (03 9669 038 / providing technical support and backup.

For CAP-AU related emails, please use (which goes to both Bob and Kate)

The Attorney-General's department moved the CAP-AU Profile artefacts (schema, eventlist, documents, etc) to : ( ).

As the govshare website has now been decommissioned, the Bureau has arranged a re-direct from to, and is following up with related longer term CAP-AU validation issues.

The Bureau is in the process of transferring management of CAP-AU (on Govdex, OASIS, etc) resources across to the Bureau, and setting up a CAP-AU webpage, for announcements, guidance material and other communication. Once the webpage is available, we will let you know.

Extract from email to EMSINA 29 January, 2018.


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