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EMA - Job Vacancy

Please find below a new job listing with the Emergency Management Australia, Department of Home Affairs?

Level: Exec Level 1

Role Profile: Click here

Summary: "The Assistant Director, ICT Business Projects leads the development, implementation and delivery of the NSR’s key ICT business project, the National Joint Common Operating Picture (COP). The COP is a web application which provides near-real-time, all-hazards situational awareness and decision support for Government stakeholders, including the Prime Minister. The position manages a small team, which works closely with stakeholders to implement the COP and develop the associated internal business processes for use post-implementation. The position works closely with the relevant ICT teams to ensure development meets business needs. The Assistant Director, ICT Business Projects oversees communication with key stakeholders and the development of staff training. The position regularly briefs on progress and risks to associated governance committees." (extracted from the Role Profile - 14/02/2022)



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