PM Briefing in the CCC

Yesterday the CCC held a high level briefing with Scott Morrison (PM), Deputy PM Michael McCormack, Assistant Minister for Home Affairs Linda Reynolds, Major General Gus Gilmore and there respective staff in regard to the Queensland Fires and Sydney Weather Event.

Of note for EMSINA;

  • the briefing and Media aspect of the meeting was conducted directly in front of the National Bushfire COP, The BoM rain radar of Sydney (1 screen to the left), the National COP (2 screens to the left), An Exposure Report (1 Screen to the right) i.e. spatial data feeds from you guys!

  • The Prime Minister specifically asked where these feeds were coming from? Although only partly featured at the end of the video Rob Cameron (Director General EMA) pointed out the awesome cross Govt. work work done in regard to building and maintaining EM-LINK; specifically aimed at EMSINA.

You can:

  • read the transcript here

  • watch the media video here

The story and video was picked up by nearly all the major news agencies and featured heavily online.


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