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PROJECT UPDATE - National Bushfire Boundary Webservices

The CSIRO National Bushfire Intelligence Capability (NBIC) with assistance from Geoscience Australia and EMSINA will be soon releasing two new near-real-time Bushfire products and an updated National Historical Bushfire Boundary product.

Products to be released:

  • National Near-Real-Time Bushfire Boundary webservice

    • A webservice that accumulates, harmonises and standardises all available State and Territory operational bushfire boundary products into a Nationally consistent product every 15 minutes.

  • National 3 hourly accumulation Bushfire Boundary webservice

    • A webservice that uses the above feed to produce a three hourly accumulation Near-Real-Time Bushfire Boundary product.

Product to be updated:

  • National Historical Bushfire Boundaries webservice / datasets

Schema Access: If you would like access to the schemas of these datasets ahead of their release please contact:

Read More about this Project: The Project Team have developed a Storymap about this work, the deliverables, our progress and the pending data access point:

Stay UP TO DATE: Subscribe to our email list to be the first to know about the release of these datasets:



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