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RELEASED: Historical Bushfire Boundaries Dataset v2

After a technical delay the joint Project Team from NBIC, CSIRO, GA and EMSINA have just announced the release of Version 2 of National Historical Bushfire Boundaries Dataset which includes the latest 2022/23 state and territory data.

THANK YOU to all the State and Territory Agencies who have contributed their time and data into this National Project. In particular we would like to acknowledge all the staff from the States and Territories that work incredibly hard with very few resources and funding to develop and maintain their historical bushfire datasets. It is through their hard work that this NBIC led Project and in partnership with GA and EMSINA are now in a position to offer the second version of Australia's Nationally aggregated and harmonised historical bushfire boundary dataset.

Some Interesting Stats from the updated Database:

  • Total fires recorded in the database: 310,640

  • Total fires added to the database in 2022/23: 2,535

    • ACT: 51

    • NSW: 455

    • NT: na

    • Qld: 824

    • SA: 171

    • Tas: 438

    • Vic: 70

    • WA: 526

  • Total area burnt recorded in the database for 2022/23: 9,497,468 ha

  • Jurisdiction with most fires added to the database in 2022/23: Queensland (824)

  • Jurisdiction with the least fires added to the database in 2022/23: ACT (51)

  • Largest Fire boundary added to the database in 2022/23

    • Prescribed burn: 945,119 ha - Wunaamin Miliwundi Ranges CP, WA – 27/03/2023

    • Bushfire: 444,991 ha - Staaten River National Park, QLD – 19/09/2022

  • Average size of fires in 2022/23:

    • ACT: 12 ha

    • NSW: 221 ha

    • NT: na

    • Qld: 4,115 ha

    • SA: 54 ha

    • Tas: 177 ha

    • Vic: 23 ha

    • WA: 5,935 ha

Access to the Data:

Next Scheduled Release:

The third version of this national historical bushfire boundary dataset is due to be released in October/November 2024.



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