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EMSINA members regularly volunteer their time and professional expertise toward projects that build upon and/or improve Australia's use of spatial information in emergency management.  Some of the major Projects the Group has delivered upon can be found below and on subsequent pages dedicated to that topic.  EMSINA has also listed a range of other resources that the Group endorses.



EMSINA encourages all Australian users of emergency management spatial information to utilise authoritative data and information where possible. EM-LINK is Australia's only dedicated emergency management spatial data catalog where users can quickly and effortlessly locate this authoritative data. Its believed this catalog, which is updated and managed by the actual data owners, is a world first for Emergency Management. 


EMSINA encourages the use of officially endorsed standards when developing and /or publishing spatial data for use within emergency management:​​

  • Warnings/Incident data:

    • EMSINA strongly encourages the use of the Common Alert Protocol - Australian (CAP-AU) for all warning or incident spatial data.  

    • Information about the standard and the contacts are provided below:

  • Metadata:

    • ​EMSINA encourages proper documentation of emergency management related spatial data. Proper documentation of data "facilitates interoperability within and between agencies and jurisdictions, both within the region and internationally, by providing a consistent basis for communicating information about resources" (ANZLIC)

    • EMSINA encourages all Australian EM spatial practitioners to utilise the following ISO standards:

      • ​Webservices: AS/NZS ISO 19115.1 or AS/NZS ISO 19115.3​


EMSINA is the custodian of the Australasian 'All Hazards Symbology' symbol set.  The symbol set is freely available and all of the member agencies endorse its use.  The Group has a dedicated symbology officer who utilises a defined workflow for adding or changing symbols. You can access the All Hazards symbol sets and associated documentation by clicking on the 'more info' button below. 

Map Apps

As the mobile phone and tablet become core to emergency response and management we have seen an dramatic increase in the number of 'Apps' available to download. EMSINA members have put together a list of 'suggested' apps that their agency either use or know of emergency services personnel who are successfully using them to enable and enhance their business.

GIS Quick Guide

Whether you are new to GIS or an experienced user, we will start off with describing the fundamental concept and principles universal to a successful public safety GIS.

EM Facilities

Training Kit


The National Emergency Management Facilities Database is an EMSINA initiative to bring together Australia's first comprehensive database of Ambulance Stations, Metro Fire Stations, Police Stations, Rural and Country Fire Facilities and SES Facilities.

EMSINA members identified there were gaps in a nationally-consistent learner and assessor resources for the training of mapping assistants and mapping members.  As a result, two training resources kits were developed for mapping assistants and mapping members who are required to interpret, analyse and produce mapping information for Incident Management Teams.


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