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Metadata Standards for EM Webservices

Webservice Standards

The information below is to assist Emergency Managers to understand, create and publish ISO 19115 compliant metadata statements for webservices.

Step 1. Background information about ISO 19115-3

Information about the ISO 19115-3 Metadata Standard

Why it is so important to implement ISO 19115-3 Metadata Statements across the Australian Emergency Management Sector?

What does a best practice ISO 19115-3 metadata statement look like?

EM-LINK - minimum requirements for your 19115-3 metadata statements

Step 2. Getting expert assistance throughout the entire process

If you require assistance/clarification throughout the process of creating your ISO 19115-3 metadata statements please click the button below to view your options:

Step 3. Create your ISO compliant metadata statement

The following methods of creating ISO 19115-3 metadata statements are available:

Download a blank XML template and complete the content yourself

Use an assisted online tool that guides you through the process of compiling your ISO 19115-3 metadata statement

Step 4. Validate your ISO compliant metadata statement

Regardless of which method you use to create your metadata statement it is strongly recommended that you still validate your ISO 19115-3 metadata statements. 

  1. Open the online XML validation tool

    • Cut & Paste your XML file

    • Un-check the 'Schema Validate' and 'Geoscience Australia Profile Validate' options.

    • Click the 'Validate' button 

  2. Correct any issues from the Validation Results

Remember expert assistance is available to help you understand and correct any feedback - see Step 2. 

Step 5. Hosting your ISO compliant metadata statement

Host your XML on your Agency's infrastructure - more Information and some tips

Host your XML on your state/territory infrastructure - more information

Host your XML on Australian Government Infrastructure (only available to EM Sector) - more information

Step 6. Add it into EM-LINK

Add a link to your 19115-3 metadata statement(s) within EM-LINK 

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