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EMSINA and National Bushfire Boundary Data

Members from the Emergency Management Spatial Information Network Australia (EMSINA) have been involved in the creation of a Nationally aggregated and harmonsied bushfire boundary product since the beginning of the Black Summer Bushfires in 2019/2020.


Utilising existing networks the Group has successfully partnered with a range of Government agencies, industry and research bodies to access, design, develop and deliver bushfire boundary related datasets to the Australian EM community.


The information presented below is a history of EMSINA's past and current involvement in the development of National Bushfire Boundary datasets:

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NBIC Project (Activity 3)

2023 to 2025


ARDC Project (Package 4)

2021 to 2023

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EMA Request

2019 to 2021

EMSINA Involvement in the National Bushfire Boundary Data Development


EMSINA is currently partnered with CSIRO (NBIC), Geoscience Australia and the Australian Government's Digital Atlas of Australia to deliver three bushfire boundary products; Near-Real-Time, 3 Hourly Accumulation, and Historical Bushfire Boundaries datasets and webservices. Read more...

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EMSINA partnered with the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC), Geoscience Australia and the Minderoo Foundation to deliver Historical Bushfire Boundaries datasets and webservices. Read more...

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In late 2019 Australia was experiencing widespread bushfires covering multiple states and territories.  Emergency Management Australia requested EMSINA and Geoscience Australia to develop a near-real-time bushfire boundary feed that combined all the individual jurisdictional feeds into one National view. Read more...

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