All Hazards Symbology

This project commenced to develop an Australasian All Hazards Symbology set. The project was sponsored by the Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping (ICSM) and the Australia New Zealand Land Information Council (ANZLIC), and supported by EMSINA. The primary aim of the project was to develop a consistent All Hazards Symbology Set (AHSS) and have it adopted by emergency management agencies across Australia and New Zealand.

Basic Symbol Shapes:

Operations: Relevant to planned and operational responses to events and incidents including supporting intelligence.

Incident: Relevant to incidents for any hazards including natural event, civil activities and policing

Assets: Assets or infrastructure that are relevant to an incident or event or operational response; assets at risk, or infrastructure that needs protection

Observations: Any observation relevant to an incident, event or operational response.

All Hazards Symbology Report

The "All Hazards Symbology Report' is essential starting point for those wanting to find out more or begin the step of introducing consistent Australian Emergency Management (mapping) symbols into their business  

All Hazards Symbology Download

The "All Hazards Symbology Set Download" button takes you to a Google Drive Folder.  You will then have the option of downloading the symbol set in: ESRI, Google, Mapinfo and/or Geoserver.

Note: if you are unable to access Google Drive please request the desired symbol set through our contact page.

All Hazards Symbology - Implementation Guide

EMSINA recognisies that the work above needs to be expanded to introduce a step by step guide on how to introduce the All Hazards Symbiology Set into your own software.  If you would like to help EMSINA complete this project we would be keen to hear from you

All Hazards Symbology Changes and Workflow

If you wish to add a new symbol or request an alternation to an existing symbol please refer to the following documents in Google Drive:

All Hazards Symbology Contact Officer

EMSINA has a dedicated All Hazard Symbology Set Officer. You can contact this person directly by clicking on the button below.

Tip: Your email will be processed faster if you put the words 'AHSS email contact:'  in the 'subject' line.