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Emergency Management Mapping Apps

As the mobile phone and tablet become core to emergency response and management we have seen an dramatic increase in the number of 'Apps' available to download. EMSINA members have put together a list of 'suggested' apps that their agency either use or know of emergency services personnel who are successfully using them to enable and enhance their business.

Mapping App Categories 

Situational Awareness.png

Situational Awareness

photo collection.png

Data Collection    (Photos)


Calculators and Converters

Locational Awareness.png

Location Awareness

social media.png

Social Media

data collection.png

Cloud Storage




Reference Tools


Internet and Connectivity

data collection.png

Data Collecting (Mapping)




Other Useful Apps

Adding a Mapping App to EMSINA's List 


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Terms and Conditions

In relation to the app you have outlined above, you acknowledge and confirm that:

  1. You are not the App's developer/designer

  2. You will not benefit directly or in-directly from the promotion of this App through the EMSINA website

  3. You are not posting this App on behalf of anyone or any organisation/company/person associated with this App.

EMSINA Disclaimer

  • EMSINA does not endorse or receive any payment(s) or promotion for items published in this document. 

  • The list of apps is intended to highlight online/offline tools that members of EMSINA or members of the wider EM spatial community have found useful to conduct or enhance their business.

  • EMSINA will not accept apps suggested by the app's developer or persons who will benefit directly or in-directly from its promotion on this website.  

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