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Mapping Apps

As the mobile phone and tablet become core to emergency response and management we have seen an dramatic increase in the number of 'Apps' available to download. EMSINA members have put together an annual list of 'suggested' apps that their agency either use or know of emergency services personnel who are successfully using them to enable and enhance their business.

Are you using a great Mapping App?

Are you using a great mobile or tablet mapping app (iOS or Android) for Emergency Management that is not featured in our brand new list below?  Would you like to share your user experience so that the rest of the Emergency Management Community can learn about it and possibly start using the app too?  If yes, please let us know about your use case by clicking here and filling out the form.

The best use cases will be featured in our regular EMSINA online news articles and also included into the National Mapping App List ^. 


In regard to the documented app above I can confirm that I am not the app's developer or a person(s) who will benefit directly or in-directly from its promotion on this website.  I also confirm that I am not posting the app on behalf of anyone or any organisation associated with this app. 

Without confirmation of the above EMSINA cannot accept your usercase.  If you have any questions please contact us.


  • EMSINA does not endorse or receive any payment(s) or promotion for items published in this document. 

  • The list of apps we provide is intended to highlight online/offline tools that members of EMSINA or members of the wider EM spatial community have found useful to conduct or enhance their business.

  • ^ EMSINA will not accept apps suggested by the app's developer or persons who will benefit directly or in-directly from its promotion on this website.   


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