EMSINA Membership

Learn more about who can become an EMSINA Member, the benefits of membership and the Group's expectations of members by reading the following content.

Who can become an EMSINA Member

Membership is open to Australian state, territory and federal government representatives from the spatial industry who have a direct professional interest in emergency management and national security matters "EMSINA TOR, 2016"


Benefits of EMSINA Membership

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Expectations of an EMSINA Member

EMSINA National Membership does come with the expectations. Since the formation of EMSINA its Members have been expected to:

  • Actively contribute to meetings

  • Provide Agency/Jurisdictional Updates for every meeting

  • Participate in EMSINA Group Projects

  • Relay EMSINA information to interested parties within you jurisdiction

  • Host or assist in hosting a meeting every 2 to 3 years

  • Pay for their own travel (flights, accommodation, spending monies) to attend meetings.


Apply for EMSINA Membership

Please allow a few weeks for the EMSINA Committee to process your Membership Application.

EMSINA uses Google Drive 'Forms' for our membership applications.  If you are having issues accessing this form please try again on a device that does not reside within your employer's IT network i.e. a personal computer, tablet or phone.