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EMSINA Media Resources

To assist users who wish to utilise EMSINA content and/or information the Group/Chapters have created please use the following resouces.

Who is EMSINA and what does the Group do?


Please refer to the following resources:



The following EMSINA Group Logos are approved for third party use. Download by right clicking the image and 'Save As':

emsinalogo (no white A v2).png
emsinalogo (no heading).png
emsinalogo (greyscale).png
emsinalogo (greyscale no heading).png
emsinalogo (white).png
emsinalogo (white no heading).png

Attribution of the EMSINA Website or Content


All of EMSINA's public facing website is CC-BY 4.0 (Attribution).  This means users are free to use (republish) any of the Group's content as long as EMSINA is referenced as the source.


To assist users properly attribute EMSINA content please utilitise the following examples:

The EMSINA Website

EMSINA 202X, accessed XX Month 202X, <>

A specific page/document within the EMSINA website

EMSINA 202X, [Title of webpage], accessed [xx Month 202X], <>.

An approved photo

Long version: EMSINA 202X, <>

 Short Version: EMSINA 202X

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