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Climate and Resiliances Service Australia (CARSA)

Contact Information

Simon Costello

EMSINA's 5 Capability Questions

Q1: What is the Project Scope / What is trying to be solved?

Climate and Resilience Services Australia is the Australian Government’s response to particular recommendations of the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements. There is work currently underway by GA, BOM, CSIRO and the Australian Bureau of Statistics to develop some initial capability by 1 July. A bigger proposal for CARSA is currently going through a budget approval process at the moment. The intention is for Australian Government agencies to be using the same data as state/territory ESOs.


Q2: What will be available to the EM community / decision makers at the end of your project?

GA’s component of the initial CARSA development will improve delivery of all GA’s disaster-related information to CARSA through a Data Hub. GA prototyping impact assessment tools based on available data. GA is also working with the ABS to pilot the inclusion of improved business location information.


Q3: How will the EM Sector access the results?

CARSA will initially deliver to two Australian Government agencies (Emergency Management Australia and a new resilience agency). The broader EM sector will continue to have access to agency-specific data services as per existing channels (such as EM-LINK), with the intention that integrated data services from across the four Commonwealth agencies will be made available further down the track.


Q4: What are the main hurdles faced in completing your Project?

The main hurdles are data licensing arrangements and clarification of what users are after. Some of these hurdles are being overcome.


Q5: What input data / work do you need from jurisdictions?

This goes both ways. Input data required from jurisdictions include topographic and other foundation spatial data; hazard data; vulnerability information; event-specific footprints; and damage assessments. GA and CARSA can provide data back to ESOs (eg climate/weather, community profiles, footprints derived from other imagery, etc). Would like jurisdictions to ‘spatially-enable’ data as web services – can discuss if/how we do this into the future.


Other Information

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Question and Answers

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