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Digital Earth Australia Hotspots

Contact Information

Maggie Arnold

EMSINA's 5 Capability Questions

Q1: What is the Project Scope / What is trying to be solved?

The talk will focus on a current overview of the Digital Earth Australia Hotspots application, a validation project of Sentinel 3 hotspots from a collaboration between Landgate, NSW Planning Industry and Environment and GA. We will also be looking into getting user feedback from our emergency management stakeholders to better understand our user perspectives and improve it’s user experience and functionality, and will be engaging a user experience researcher over the coming weeks.


Q2: What will be available to the EM community / decision makers at the end of your project?

The EM community currently has access to the DEA Hotspots website, which provides Hotspots information from various sensors including Near Real Time hotspots from the Himawari-8 AHI sensor, MODIS, AVHRR and VIIRS. For the secure site, extra layers of information are provided via an authenticated login. Eventually, through engagement with our end users, we hope align future development of DEA Hotspots to better align with our users needs, as well as provide additional sources of input into the system.


Q3: How will the EM Sector access the results?

The EM sector can currently access DEA Hotspots via the website (, direct download from associated webservices, geoJSON files, KML files, RSS feeds, and DEA Hotspots Files site, which provides a rolling 30-day archive of data and imagery from Level 0 to Level 3


Q4: What are the main hurdles faced in completing your Project?

Our current unknowns are funding for further development of DEA Hotspots, and lack of engagement and feedback from our Secure end users in migrating over from Sentinel Hotspots, to DEA Hotspots. We also have limited time left to engage a user experience professional before end of financial year, but are currently interviewing potential candidates.


Q5: What input data / work do you need from jurisdictions?

From each of the jurisdictions, we would require stakeholder engagement and feedback regarding your needs and use cases for DEA Hotspots, so, in essence, your time. We will be conducting user stakeholder workshops between April – June pending hiring of a UX professional.


Other Information

Other information provided by the presenter.


Question and Answers

The following are overflow questions that the presenter was unable to answer during the meeting.

Will it ever be available as a feature service?

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