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Natural Hazards CRC Initiatives

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John Bates

EMSINA's 5 Capability Questions

Q1: What is the Project Scope / What is trying to be solved?

A suite of research projects that are addressing questions that arose as a result of the bushfires across Australia during Black Summer, the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements and related jurisdictional inquiries. The research includes projects with a national focus, and other projects that have been developed directly with key jurisdictions impacted by the fires over the summer of 2019-2020.


Q2: What will be available to the EM community / decision makers at the end of your project?

o At the end of the projects, the EM community will:
 Have access to an analysis of moisture across the landscape in a time series using multiple data sources – focusing on 5 key case study locations
 Model simulations using the Access-Fire model of the interaction between fires and the atmosphere for 5 significant fires (1 in each of Qld, NSW, Vic, SA and WA)
 Proof of concept use of earth observation to provide near real-time location of accessible water for aerial firefighting
 Proof of concept use combining Himawari-8-based detection of fire (and fire progression) with aerial firefighting payload delivery using data from the NAFC ARENA database.
 State-based fire reconstruction data (as part of larger reconstruction projects being undertaken within jurisdictions).


Q3: How will the EM Sector access the results?

o There are already end-users from the EM sector actively engaged in the projects
o Reports on the projects will be available from the CRC website
o It is likely there will be workshops to share / review / interpret the results after 30 June
o Subject to any restrictions linked to data permissions, results will be available through the CRC (until 30 June 2021) and the new Research Centre (from 1 July 2021).


Q4: What are the main hurdles faced in completing your Project?

o Tight timeframes. Projects funded through this program are required to be completed by 30 June 2021.


Q5: What input data / work do you need from jurisdictions?

o Jurisdictions are already providing data for fire reconstructions and model simulations.
o As the current projects draw to a close, the analysis and interpretation of the information will be incomplete because of the timing. It is expected that some of this will take place after 30 June 2021.


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