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NSW Fires Near Me – Gen 2

Contact Information

Natalie Hill

EMSINA's 5 Capability Questions

Q1: What is the Project Scope / What is trying to be solved?

Developing a digital equivalent to the PDF ‘Red Maps’ (Fire prediction spread and tourist leave zones) shared by RFS last Fire Season in Fires Near Me


Q2: What will be available to the EM community / decision makers at the end of your project?

The creation of a new type of spatial data for RFS called Warning Areas


Q3: How will the EM Sector access the results?

Public publication of the data set as extension to or new format the existing RFS published Feeds


Q4: What are the main hurdles faced in completing your Project?

Operational decision making around the drafting, verification and publishing of the data


Q5: What input data / work do you need from jurisdictions?

How have other jurisdictions solved this problem, and what part of the business owns public warnings


Other Information

Other information provided by the presenter.


Question and Answers

The following are overflow questions that the presenter was unable to answer during the meeting.

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