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The Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC)

Contact Information

Adrian Burton

EMSINA's 5 Capability Questions

Q1: What is the Project Scope / What is trying to be solved?

The ‘Bushfire data challenges’ program of ARDC aims to establish a national bushfire data
infrastructure to improve bushfire and risk management by supporting research and
development with direct pathways to advancing operational planning and response.


Q2: What will be available to the EM community / decision makers at the end of your project?

The bushfire data infrastructure will have three aspects
- A framework for aggregating data, establishing a systematic approach towards
issues such as governance, supply chains, policies, culture, and underpinning
- Aggregating data content
- A platform to provide access, visualisations and modelling tools.


Q3: How will the EM Sector access the results?

An online platform will be created to provide access to data and modelling tools.


Q4: What are the main hurdles faced in completing your Project?

Aggregating data from all jurisdictions, and establishing a framework to address challenges
such as governance, supply chains and underpinning infrastructure


Q5: What input data / work do you need from jurisdictions?

- ARDC intends to run 2 phases of the bushfire data challenges:
1. modelling bushfire behaviour, with data content on fire history, weather and fuel
2. modelling impact, with data content on urban infrastructure, health, air quality and
climate, waste and species


Other Information

Other information provided by the presenter.

The Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) is a National Collaborative Research Infrastructure
Strategy (NCRIS) facility, providing Australian researchers with competitive advantage through data.

Question and Answers

The following are overflow questions that the presenter was unable to answer during the meeting.

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