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EMSINA Chapters

EMSINA has multiple chapters that reside under the National Group.  All Groups are organised in a professional and transparent manner and operate under a similar structure and manner to the National EMSINA Group.

The Groups meet individually on a regular basis. The members form professional relationships and an in-depth knowledge of how spatial information is used across the Emergency Management Sector. Each member also has opportunities to actively participate in specialised spatially related projects specific to that Group. 

All of EMSINA's Chapters have at least one National representative.  These members report the Group's progress, issues/ideas and accomplishments at each National meeting.

Membership to these Groups is open to all government spatial or coding professionals who work within or have a direct professional interest in the Emergency Management sector.

For more information about, or to join a chapter, please refer to the information below:

The Queensland EMSINA chapter currently seeks to meet twice per year, bringing together key spatial Emergency and Incident Management stakeholders from QLD Government and infrastructure providers. Meetings focus on the presentation of key developments across industry, new information and data sources, and build connections between members to encourage the development of data sharing relationships and informal spatial stakeholder networks. The QLD EMSINA chapter is focused on highlighting the excellent work agencies and industry undertake, and bringing learnings and connections to the table for the benefit of Queenslanders. Meetings will often contain presentations from guest presenters, showcasing new developments or high value projects.

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The Victorian EMSINA Chapter on behalf of Victoria’s emergency management community, supports improved emergency management through the use and promotion of location based information, services and capabilities. Meetings are held twice a year (April, October) and membership is open to Victorian government representatives from the spatial industry who have a direct professional interest in emergency management and national security matters.

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