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ANZLIC Metadata Webpage Updated

An overhaul of the core ANZLIC Metadata Webpages was just completed and released. The new website is much more user friendly, easier to navigate and along with providing a range of metadata creation tools it also has an area with multiple videos that highlight the undisputed benefits of properly documenting your data.

This update links into a 4 year joint project between EMSINA and the National Metadata Working Group (NMWG) aimed at dramatically improving the accessibility and time it takes us all to create a compliant metadata statement.

Although this is a welcomed step forward the EM community, through the joint project still believe there is work to be done including:

  • User testing of the EM Profile

  • Develop communication linkages between jurisdictional EM staff and their NMWG members

  • Design and publication of training material - as aligned to the EM Profile

  • Agreeing upon an ongoing review cycle to ensure the EM Profile develops with the Sector's user requirements.

  • Redesigning the EMSINA metadata webpages to point back to authoritative source; ANZLIC

Want to know more?

  • EMSINA will be presenting at the upcoming NMWG in early July. Our presentation to the Group will be made available on our website after the meeting.

  • The NMWG will be invited to showcase their new metadata creation tools (including the specially built EM Profile) at the late July Meeting. This meeting will be an 'Open' meeting to ensure all within the Sector get to see the new tools in action and have the ability to ask questions of the NMWG representative.



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