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CFA Job - Senior Data Analyst

Organisation: Country Fire Authority (CFA), Victoria

Closing Date: 19 November 2023

About the Role:

The Business Intelligence team plays a critical role in ensuring the safety of Victorian communities by transforming data into actionable insights. They provide high-quality, visible data and information to various stakeholders, including community programs, project leaders, brigades, media, emergency sector agencies, the Board, and the Minister's Office.

As a Senior Data Analyst, you are responsible for collecting, analysing, and presenting data related to fire prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery Your role primarily focuses on spatial analysis and data visualisation using primarily ESRI platforms, while supporting other disciplines such as risk management and corporate reporting to deliver valuable, top quality data and mapping visualisations that aid decision makers. Ultimately, your work aligns with strategic objectives to enhance the decision-making process.

This role manages decision support tools throughout their lifecycle, maintains a knowledge repository, addresses service requests, and applies advanced spatial and data analysis. It also involves continuous innovation, specialisation in key disciplines, vendor management, and training provision. Additionally, the role includes various data-related duties and contributing to mapping activities while adhering to standards.



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