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EM Metadata Work - Presentation

Yesterday EMSINA presented a Project update to the National Metadata Working Group (NMWG) that sits under ICSM. The presentation outlined the work achieved to date, including the new creation tool and the EM ISO 19115-3 Profile. The presentation then turned its focus to the Project's 'last mile' or what now needs to occur to get these EM designed tools into the hands of you guys!

To ensure this work gets completed the EMSINA Committee have invited a representative from the NMWG to the Brisbane meeting with an action aimed at solving the last two components of this Project.

The full presentation given on 1 June 2022 can be viewed here.

EM Metadata Resources: did you know that EMSINA has a online section dedicated to this Metadata Project and its deliverables? You can find new metadata resources and some documentation here (please note there is still a decent amount of work to be done before you have that complete metadata resource kit).

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