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EMSINA National Meeting - Final Update

It is now only a few days until the second EMSINA National Meeting in Brisbane.

  • Members; if you intend going please ensure you have registered.

  • Non-Members; if you wish to attend please register through this link.

Travel Cancellations: We are aware of a few travel cancellations due to recent Agency restrictions. The Committee have planned for this disruption and we will again be running a TEAMS conference. If you are caught up in these cancellations please attend online. We look forward to seeing you either way. See Page 1 of the Agenda for dial in details.

COVID Restrictions: Keep up-to-date with the Queensland COVID restrictions

Agenda: can be viewed here

Day 1 Location: QFES - Kedron Park Road. Kedron, QLD

Day 2 Location: QPWS - 400 George Street, Brisbane, QLD



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