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QFES Tsunami Webinar - April 1, 2022

"Join us on April 1 at 10.30 AEST for a Q&A from our panel of scientific experts and practitioners on Tsunami Risk for Queensland: state of the knowledge, experiences and opportunities. Do we understand the current state of knowledge on tsunami risk for Queensland? Do our communities know what to do in a tsunami?

Even though tsunamis are rare for Queensland, they do happen as the recent tsunami triggered from the January 15 eruption of the Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai volcano showed us.

With over 85% of Queenslanders living within 50km of the coastline, over 20 ports and extensive low-lying areas close to the coast, there is a potential for prolonged impact to the livelihoods of many Queenslanders.

To help answer these questions and strengthen the resilience of our communities, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services is hosting a one-hour webinar to raise awareness of the tsunami risk in Queensland and to share experiences from emergency responders from the January 15 event.

Speakers hail from the QLD and NSW State Emergency Services, Gold Coast City Council, Geoscience Australia, QLD Department of Environment and Science, University of Newcastle and the Bureau of Meteorology.

Do not miss this if you are a disaster manager, work or live on the coast or want to know more about tsunami!

Share with your network and help raise awareness of tsunami risk for Queensland. Click here to register for the webinar:"

Information source: QFES



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