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Symbology Volunteer

EMSINA is looking for a volunteer to help us develop an implementation guide for the Australian All Hazards Symbol (AAHS) set.

Assistance in the implementation the symbol set is one of the Group's top requests. These requests usually come from technical agencies who m are at the beginning their GIS journey as they look to make use of the symbols within their chosen systems. EMSINA therefore wishes to see if there is anyone in the EM Spatial Community who has a few hours to volunteer their time toward creating a step-by-step set of instructions that span across the 4 major GIS platforms.

These instructions will become a central component of our nearly completed AAHS webpages (example below). You will receive full recognition for this work on EMSINA's new AAHS website and best of all you will receive one of EMSINA's 20th Year Coffee Mugs.

If you have a few hours to contribute we would love to hear from you:



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