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Two Copernicus Events - Your Invitation

Event 1:

  • Title: Copernicus 2022 Assembly

  • Dates: 13 and 14 October 2022

  • Description: "The event will showcase CEMS’ contribution to improving emergency response and disaster risk management in this first operational decade. We invite you to take part in live virtual plenary sessions and participate in a discussion about the future of our service and user community." EC email, September 2022

  • Who should attend this event? EM Mangers and Senior Decision Makers

  • Registration:

    • Through Geoscience Australia - email

Event 2:

  • Title: Copernicus On Demand Mapping - User Workshop

  • Dates: 27 and 28 October 2022

  • Description: "opportunity to learn how the CEMS On Demand Mapping supports globally emergency response and disaster risk management and how we will continue collaborating with our community and evolving our service." EC Website - Sept 2022

  • Who should attend this event? Current and perspective users of Copernicus

  • Registration:



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