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Training Resource Kit

EMSINA members identified there were gaps in a nationally-consistent learner and assessor resources for the training of mapping assistants and mapping members.  As a result, two training resources kits were developed for mapping assistants and mapping members who are required to interpret, analyze and produce mapping information for Incident Management Teams.

Throughout 2009, a number to Public Safety packages were reviewed by EMSINA members to determine the usefulness of that competency being possibly included as part of the Training Resource Kits (TRK). The review was completed with a number being identified as appropriate to include into the TRKs.

It was agreed the principles and concepts of the training package were aligned to a number of units of competency:

PUA00 Public Safety Training Package - Industry Wide Competency Standards:

  • PUATEA002B Work autonomously

  • PUATEA001B Work in a team

CPP07 Property Services Training Package - Spatial Information Services Units of Competency:

  • CPPSIS3001A Apply map presentation principles

  • CPPSIS3005A Collect basic spatial data

  • CPPSIS4006A Read and interpret basic image data

  • CPPSIS4015A Apply GIS software to problem-solving techniques

Throughout 2010/2011, the packages were developed and agreed upon.  In 2012, Victoria re-developed the Mapping Officer material to the TRK specifications, and subsequently ran the course.  A number of EMSINA members attended the course as observers. This was to ensure the material was applicable and could be easily adapted to other jurisdictions and emergency types, with the results being positive.

Training Document Downloads

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