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ARDC Bushfire Boundaries Award

The EMSINA network, agencies and our members were recognised on Thursday night in Canberra for their contribution to the multi-agency development of the National 'historical' bushfire boundaries dataset.

Presented by the Geospatial Council of Australia the joint ARDC, EMSINA, GA and Mindaroo Team won the ACT 'Environment and Sustainability Award' for developing the first version of the 'National Historical Bushfire Boundaries' dataset.

EMSINA's contribution and coordination to the development of this national dataset starting in 2021, through COVID lockdowns and finally into delivery in 2023 was simply enormous with recent estimates have costed the in-kind and volunteer contribution toward this entire Project at $890,000.

During this time many of the EMSINA Members either gave their time or helped coordinated access into the correct areas of your agencies/departments to aid the project.

The Work Package Leads:

Work Package 1: Naomi Withers (Vic), Ryan Lawrey (ACT), Brenton Marchant (NSW), Warwick Heir (NSW)

Work Package 2: Agnes Kristina (WA)

Work Package 3: Naomi Withers (Vic), Ryan Lawrey (ACT), Craig Carpenter (Esri Australia)

Work Package 4: Con Charalambou (Fed)

Work Package 5: Norman Mueller (Fed), Erin Telfer (Fed)

With far too many EMSINA members, their staff and agencies to mention who contributed into each of these 5 work packages it is best left to just sincerely thank everybody involved in this national project and congratulations on the well deserved recognition.



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