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Australian Climate Services - Job Opportunity

Position: Program Manager Information Enablement

About the Role: The ACS is looking for a strategic, dynamic and adaptable leader to be the Program Manager for the ACS Information Enablement Program. The ACS has five programs that together deliver services and uplift climate and hazard risk capability:

  • Program 0: Information Enablement (data and technology management and governance, ACS platform and geospatial support)

  • Program 1: Advance disaster and climate risk and resilience intelligence (ACS Integration Hub)

  • Program 2: Enhance Data and Intelligence across key domains (social, economic, built and natural domains) (Domain Data and Intelligence Program)

  • Program 3: Improve Climate and Natural Hazard Science and Intelligence (Climate and Hazard Program)

  • Program 4: Boost Decision Support (customised services to support different needs across the national natural disaster continuum)



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