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EM Metadata Profile - Now Available

Yesterday we were advised by the National Metadata Working Group (NMWG) and Geoscience Australia (GA) that the first version of the National EM Metadata Profile was signed off. You can find the Profile on the EMSINA Metadata Webpage.

IMPORTANT: It should be noted that this EM Profile will evolve over time. It is designed as a flexible document that can be updated as the Sector's requirements evolve. If you wish to suggest an attribute change or addition please use the supplied contact/feedback details.

Next steps: EMSINA has asked the NMWG and GA to now focus on completing:

  • A basic list of the minimum required attributes

  • An example profile aligned to the EM

EMSINA wish to recognise and thank all the officers within NMWG and GA for their hard work in bringing these tools and documents into reality. In particular:

  • Martin Capobianco (GA Metadata Expert)

  • Irina Bastrakova (GA Metadata Expert & NMWG Chair)



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