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EM Metadata Tools - UPDATE

An update on the EM ISO Metadata Creation Tool and supporting documentation.

The tool is now ready to be released however, Geoscience Australia staff need a few more weeks to complete all the documentation required to support its users.

I can confirm after a meeting today that during Phase 1 of this release you will get access too:

  • The Metadata Creation Tool and Instructions

  • The EM ISO Standard Profile (v0.1) and Attribute Descriptions

  • An XML example of a completed EM Metadata Statement that meets the EM ISO Profile (v0.1)

  • A blank XML for those who wish to construct their EM Metadata Statements manually

Access Point:

  • Until ISCM redesign their website the EM Metadata tool and the supporting documentation will be available through the EMSINA website.

Phase 2 of this project

A list of outstanding items against this Project can be found at the very bottom of this EMSINA webpage. Further to that an EMSINA Representative will be presenting this material and the reasons why these functions are required to the National Metadata Working Group Meeting on 7 October 2021.



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