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ISO Metadata Creation Tool Available

After two and a half years of collaboration EMSINA and the ICSM National Metadata Group (NMWG) are pleased to announce the availability of the ISO Metadata Creation Tool.

The EMSINA Website is the current access point:

In Phase 1 of this release the NMWG has given the Australian EM Community access too:

  • The official Metadata Creation tool.

  • A high level "How to Access the Tool" document.

  • A National contact point for assistance and feedback.

Next Phase of work:

  • EMSINA will now work with Geoscience Australia and the ISCM NMWG to develop and make available the following:

    1. The EM 19115 Metadata Profile (under construction)

    2. Minimum Required EM Attribute List

    3. Example of an EM ISO 19115 Statement

Further Phases:

  • EMSINA has itemised the future requirements of the ISCM NMWG in relation to this Metadata capability. These requirements can be viewed at the bottom of this webpage:

  • EMSINA will also be presenting to the NMWG in early October. Our goal will be to emphasis that although appreciative of the new tool we need to acknowledge that the job is only half done.



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