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Modelling Analyst Position - CFA

Country Fire Authority - Victoria

Closes: 3 September 2023

The Business Intelligence team bring data to life so that our customers in Victorian communities are prepared for and safe from fire. The team enables trusted decisions through high quality, visible data and information that are presented to community programs, project leaders, brigades, media, emergency sector agencies, Board and Minister's Office.

The Modelling Analyst crafts statistical insights or programmed analysis, integrating them into tools. They oversee tool lifecycle, engage stakeholders, and specialize in risk, road networks, or spatial analysis. More specifically the duties include:

  • Define & manage tool lifecycle: development, introduction, growth, maturity, decline.

  • Establish central knowledge hub for objectives & benefits.

  • Fulfill service requests, aligned with objectives & stakeholders.

  • Utilize advanced statistics & modelling tools for impact.

  • Apply ISO 31000 or similar for calculations.

  • Integrate outputs: data, maps, models.

  • Advise on data modelling adeptly.

  • Innovate via research & assessment.

  • Maintain expertise in disciplines (e.g., road networks, risk).

  • Ensure data aligns with goals & governance.

  • Monitor adapt disciplines for informed plans.

  • Externally represent in modelling & spatial realms.

  • Validate insights from diverse data.

  • Cultivate partnerships in emergency & industry.

  • Manage vendor relations.

  • Plan lifecycles, dependencies, activities.

  • Promote and deliver training for implementation, improvement to decision support tools.



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