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Operational Bushfire Boundaries - Decommission Info

The long standing trial of the National Bushfire Operational Boundaries dataset that EMSINA first built in response to the 2020 Black Summer Fires is coming to an end at 00:00 this Saturday. The two products impacted are:

  • National Bushfire Operational Boundary - 15 minutes

  • National Bushfire Operational Boundary - 3 hourly timeseries

Access to the historic products can be achieved by contacting through the Geoscience Australia is also documenting the methodologies associated with this work; this should be done by the end-of-the-year.

Alternative National Data Sources:

  • Non-Standardised Dataset:

    • If your agency and/or State capabilities require non-standardised cross border bushfire operational boundary data we recommend that you refer to the EM-LINK capability and/or negotiate access to each jurisdictional data capability individually.

  • Standardised Dataset:

    • GA are unaware of any other standardised National Bushfire Operational Boundary Products.

    • If you wish to create your own cross border dataset please get in contact with GA ( and they will provide you with the raw FME aggregation scripts.

2020 Image of aggregated bushfire boundaries across Qld, NSW, ACT and Vic



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