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Release of the Digital Atlas of Australia

On Tuesday 28 May, 2024 the Australian Government launched the Digital Atlas of Australia

This powerful online platform centralises access to hundreds of trusted national datasets. Using the Digital Atlas anyone can explore, analyse and visualise spatial data on Australia’s geography, people, economy and the environment.

Emergency Managers will benefit from the authoritative and curated datasets within Digital Atlas, including:

  • National Roads

  • Socio-economic

  • Administration Boundaries

  • Electricity Grid Infrastructure

  • Transport Infrastructure

  • Land cover and use

  • Indigenous Protected Areas

Digital Atlas for government

Authenticated government users can access a separate, secure environment of the Digital Atlas. The Digital Atlas for government allows government users to:

  • view their own data alongside data in the Digital Atlas

  • access a suite of geospatial and analytical tools

  • create and share data, maps, apps, tools, and solutions collaboratively.

Currently, only federal government users can use the Digital Atlas for government. State, territory and local government users can register their interest. By registering your interest you will help the Digital Atlas team understand demand and expectations, and you will receive progress updates about when government access is being expanded.

Video Introduction to Digital Atlas of Australia



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