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Victoria CFA - Position Available

The Victorian Country Fire Authority (CFA) has recently posted a job looking for a Data Technical Coordinator.

Job Title: Data Coordinator

Applications Close: 31 July 2023

About the Role:

"As a member of our Business Intelligence team, you will play a crucial role in bringing data to life to ultimately ensure the safety of Victorian communities from fire risks. Your work will directly contribute to enabling trusted decisions through the delivery of high-quality, visible data and information to various stakeholders including; community programs, project leaders, brigades, media, emergency sector agencies, the Board, and the Minister's Office.

In your role as the Data Technical Coordinator, you will have the exciting responsibility of managing applications, databases, web services, tools, and processes that make vital data accessible to our consumers. Your expertise will be instrumental in creating a strong foundation platform that supports future technologies, spatial data libraries, online mapping applications, and web services. Moreover, you will ensure that our platform remains reliable, adaptable, and always available, while optimizing cost-effective sources for data.

Join our team and make a significant impact by harnessing the power of data to protect communities and drive informed decision-making. You will have the opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of the CFA."



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